Complete Accounting Software


Struggling with your accounts or spending too much on an accountant? Our Accounts software is a complete system designed to make your life easier.

Core accounting functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and the general ledger, are combined to create an integrated and efficient solution. Accounts are fed seamlessly into the general ledger, allowing financial reports to be easily generated with accuracy.

Regardless of industry or size, we make managing your accounts simple.

Generate Reports on the Fly

Trial balance, Profit & Loss, and Balance sheets are instantly generated with 100% accuracy.


Sales & Billing Simplified

Create invoices from sales and delivery orders in one place. Track overdue customers and get paid faster!

Manage your GST

GST paid and collected are automatically organized, saving you time and effort.


Inventory management and Invoicing made easy


Running a retail businesses is never easy. Having to manage inventories and create invoices can be a major headache.

Perform purchases, sales, quotations and transfers under one complete dashboard with YP Business.

Barcode Generation & Labeling

Manage your inventory efficiently with our built in modules designed to speed up tedious work.


Generating Invoices has never been Easier

Our app makes generating invoices a breeze. Don’t let processes slow you down, create invoices instantly and start getting paid.

Multiple Warehouses?

No problem. Manage multiple storage locations and respective inventories with ease.


Manage your Employees


Our simple but powerful human resource and payroll management software was created to manage your company’s most important asset, people. By automating repetitive tasks, we free up your valuable time to focus on real growth.

Whether your company has 10 or 100 people, our scalable and affordable tool provides a unique advantage in your management.

Salary Management

It is now mandatory for Singaporean companies to use itemised payslips. YP Business removes the hassle and helps you generate them automatically.



Submitting government documents has never been easier! Our app allows CPF e-submission and IR8A generation/e-submission so you can do everything in one place.

Employee Portal

Employees can submit their leave and claims on their app dashboard. You or your HR manager can easily manage your staff under a single view.


Apps are fully integrated

Data from one app is automatically shared to other apps, eliminating the need for multiple entries.

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